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I'm thrilled to invite you to our monthly empowerment and networking event, Brunch + Bosses. This is THE event you've been waiting for – a space where creativity, empowerment, and connection converge to take your business to new heights.

Picture this: you're surrounded by like-minded individuals, all driven by passion and ambition, ready to share their ideas, experiences, and insights. It's a safe and positive environment where you can freely express yourself, get and give support, and be inspired by the incredible journeys of others.

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Calling all creative entrepreneurs and business owners! Join us for our highly anticipated monthly networking event, Brunch + Bosses. It's not just another networking event; it's a safe and empowering space where you can freely share your experiences, both the good and the challenging, and receive unwavering support, encouragement, and celebration from a community of like-minded individuals.
A unique Networking event

At Brunch + Bosses, we understand the value of networking and building meaningful connections. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your journey, you'll find the support and encouragement you need to thrive.

Imagine having a captive audience eager to hear about your business!

Oh, and let's not forget the delicious brunch and refreshing drinks that await you – because empowering experiences should be savored in every way!

Space is limited, so make sure to secure your spot now. Let's come together, uplift each other, and make our businesses shine brighter than ever before!


  • Networking Extravaganza: Each attendee will have up to 3 minutes to share information about their business. This lightning-round format ensures that you can introduce yourself, highlight your offerings, and make lasting impressions.
  • Safe and Empowering Environment: Brunch + Bosses is a judgment-free zone. It's a place where you can openly discuss your business journey, the highs, and the lows, and receive understanding and empathy from others who have walked a similar path.
  • Giving and Receiving Support: We firmly believe in the power of giving and receiving. Share your insights, offer guidance, and uplift fellow attendees, while also receiving invaluable advice and encouragement that can help you overcome obstacles and achieve greater success.
  • Celebration of Success: Your accomplishments matter, big or small! At Brunch + Bosses, we take the time to celebrate your victories and applaud your milestones, creating a positive and inspiring atmosphere for everyone.
  • Delicious Brunch & Tasty Beverages: Savor a delightful spread of brunch delicacies and enjoy refreshing beverages throughout the event. After all, great connections happen over good food!
  • Comprehensive Attendee List: Receive a list of all attendees, complete with contact details, so you can effortlessly follow up and continue building meaningful business relationships after the event.
BRUNCH + BOSSES - A Unique Networking Experience
BRUNCH + BOSSES - A Unique Networking Experience

BRUNCH + BOSSES - A Unique Networking Experience

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