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The Creative Boss Collective™ was created for seasoned and aspiring creative entrepreneurs. It is a community based on social learning and connecting with other big thinkers and high-vibers that are ready to lean into their greatness.Our members will have access to resources that will help them hone their skills in business and their craft. In-person and online events, tutorials, business classes, digital content, webinars and masterclasses are just a few of the perks of being a part of the collective.In the creative industry, being a part of a community that "gets" you is crucial. The Creative Boss Collective™ provides a positive, nurturing space to share your ideas, expand your business, build your network and collaborate on creating greatness. Only positive vibes are allowed here.Join us in building a one of a kind community that empowers you to be your very best self in business, crafting and life. See you on the inside!

Access to an exclusive online community of high-level, big thinkers. 

Network and learn from creative bosses with a commitment to the 

T.E.A.M. “Together Everyone Achieves More” mentality.

Meet Your Bestie in Business,

Karen Baxter, Ms. Creative CEO

After being exposed to so many women that craved guidance and direction in the business of crafting as well as motivation and encouragement to move ahead in life, I decided to take my passion for crafting and entrepreneurship and marry it to my purpose of empowering women to be their best selves.  I teach creatives and aspiring entrepreneurs to hone their crafts and then apply business principles to grow thriving businesses and empower their lives using their creative gifts. I help you get your mindset out of the backroom and into the boardroom so you can take your business to the bank! Join my tribe of creative bosses and thrive among people that "get" you! See you on the inside!

Victory Woman


  • Exclusive Membership Portal (Coming July, 2020)
  • Masterclasses
  • Monthly live with Karen. Designed to keep you motivated and on track towards your goals. (All sessions are recorded and added to the membership portal.)
  • Challenges to keep you motivated and to boost your confidence to create better products, grow your sales and position your business to win.⁣
  • Access to worksheets, templates, tutorials, and resources to move your business forward.
  • Private Members Only Facebook Group⁣.
  • Discounts on Ms. Creative CEO products + services

Your environment contributes to your success and helps you unlock your full potential.

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