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Features:Particular: Luminous, flash on the light.

Transfer size : (8.8 Wide x 10 High )

Diamond Dots are high quality, beautiful ultra bling hole-less sequins.

They are easy to apply to almost any surface.They can transform tablecloths, tote bags, pillows, frames, fabrics, apparel, hats and much more.

Our K Dots are hole-less sequins that are ultra high gloss and the sparkle is amazing. They are flat to the touch, lighter & the shine rivals any rhinestone. 

Our Diamond Dots are great for kids apparel 


*Our DOTS never fall off.
*Awesome Futuristic Colors.
*Free Shipping in all our orders within USA.
* Safe to be washed and dry.

Instructions will be sent along with the transfer and a set of extra sequins in the case you need them. You just need a Household iron or a hit press and 5 minutes of your time.

We add new designs every day.

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Our Diamond Dots vs Rhinestones

  • Diamond Dots are lighter in weight. 
  • High quality shine and durability. They don't come off.
  • The holographic material shines brighter that most rhinestones.

✔ Super fast production. Even though we are a family-oriented business we have the knowledge and technology to fill most orders in a short time.
✔ Super trendy. You will be asked where you got the product. People love the feeling of the design to the touch.

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